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More Cremation Options

Creative Monument offers a wide range of cremation memorial products.  We are a proud distributor of Reflections Urns, as well as US Metalcraft urns, we are prepared to offer you the absolute best options to memorialize your cremated dearly departed.

With the number of cremations increasing every year, do not let your loved one rest without honoring them with a proper memorial or urn.  With jewelry and urn options for your home or the cemetery, Creative Monument is the place to purchase the perfect memorial for your dearly departed.

View some of the cremation options by clicking the pictures below to view the catalog from each of the 2 wonderful companies Creative Monument uses to provide you with top quality urn and cremation jewelry products..  

When you find the perfect urn or memorial product, just give Creative Monument a call at 501-581-0300 to place your order by phone or email.

Cremation Monuments

With cremation on the rise, Creative Monument is keeping up with innovative ideas for remembering the resting.  Any upright monument can be made into a place to store cremains. There are unique options such as bird baths that contain cremains, as well as markers and ...


Cremation Benches

Although you or a loved one may have chosen cremation, there are still beautiful, practical ways to honor the memory.Are you looking for a beautiful yet practical alternative to the traditional grave site memorial? Consider paying your respects to a deceased loved one on a commissioned granite ...

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Cremation Bronze

Represent your loved one’s unique life with a unique cremation bronze. These bronze memorials allow you to place your loved one's cremains directly inside for preservation. Cremation is a growing choice in final arrangements, allow Creative Monument to help you ...

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