Cremation Memorials

With cremation on the rise, Creative Monument is keeping up with innovative ideas for remembering the resting. Any upright monument can be made into a place to store cremains. There are unique options such as bird baths that contain cremains, as well as markers and other Cremation memorials. These are a wonderful way to remember a loved one. Everyone deserves to have a memorial, even if there is not an actual grave space. Many of these monuments, bird baths, pillars, and more, can be placed in a garden at your home. Other times, a single grave space may have been utilized for a couple or for multiple family members, all of which are being cremated. In that case, there are endless monument options that allow the urn to be placed right inside of the memorial or bench. Take a look at some of the cremation choices that we have. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact us. We will be happy to customize exactly what you have in mind.













Double Cremation Bevel

Cremation Benches

Deluxe Cremation Bevel

Cremation Bird Bath

Cremation Markers

Cremation Pillars



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Garden Cremation


Indian Red Granite

We Are Here to Help

Selecting a proper memorial is an emotional task. Then, the abundance of options can make the choices somewhat overwhelming if you are not speaking to an experienced memoralist. At Creative Monument, we share our knowledge with you in a way that keeps your options clear. Call us today at (501) 581-0300 to see the difference. You will be treated with compassion and we will do all we can to ease your pain of purchasing a memorial. We have over 17 years of experience in the memorial design and production process and will gladly use our knowledge to ensure that you select the memorial or monument that will give comfort for years to come.

Cremation Benches

Represent your loved one’s unique life with a unique memorial bench. These benches allow you to place your loved one's urn directly inside to preserve it until the return of Christ.

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Cremation Bronze

Represent your loved one’s unique life with a unique cremation bronze. These bronze memorials allow you to place your loved one's remains directly inside to preserve it until the return of Christ.

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More Cremation Products

Creative Monument offers a wide range of cremation memorial products. Now that we are a proud distributor of Reflections Urns, as well as US Metalcraft urns, we are prepared to offer you the absolute best options to memorialize your cremated dearly departed.

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