Bronze Memorials

Bronze is a Wonderful Way to Add Polish to Grave Markers

Want to honor and memorialize your departed loved ones with a material that stands the test of time with beauty and grace? Commission a bronze memorial headstone or plaque at Creative Monument in Greenbrier, AR. Our bronze on granite grave markers will surely add a dimension of polished beauty to granite markers for any cemetery plot. With bronze letters added to upright monuments, plaques, niches, and bronze on granite memorials, Creative Monument can meet your need for any cemetery restrictions. You can browse through bronze emblems that can be added to any memorial by clicking HERE. Once the page is opened, click "Search" to view all available bronze emblems, or select a category to search.

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Why Choose a Bronze Marker?

  • Durable Resilient Material
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Elegant and Sophisticated

What kind of Bronze Memorial?

Cremation Bronze

Represent your loved one’s unique life with a unique cremation bronze. These bronze memorials allow you to place your loved one's cremains directly inside for preservation.

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Individual Bronze

individual bronze markers are for use on single grave plots for one person. These bronze memorials are perfect for any cemetery, and Creative Monument will meet the requirements of any restricted, perpetual care cemetery.

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Companion Bronze

Companion bronze memorials are perfect for the married couple. They have also been used for siblings, as well as a parent and child that are buried, or plan to be buried next to each other.

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Children's Bronze

The loss of a child is the most overwhelming experience anyone can ever encounter. At Creative Monument, we understand the importance of providing that child with the absolute BEST memorial possible.

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Veteran Bronze

While the VA will provide a bronze memorial for those who meet the requirements, the loved one of that service member is not honored with a matching memorial by the VA.

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Custom Bronze

Add beauty and honor to your loved one with a custom bronze memorial. These bronze options allow you to add multiple pictures and memories to your bronze marker.

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